Why The Eye?

To everyone reading this, thank you. The support I have received this year is astounding and energizing. If I could roll my bedroom with wallpaper made of all the encouraging words people said, I totally would. On the topic of making compliments into wallpaper, I have a unique mind. If this creates intrigue in you, I'm happy to have you here. My hope is that being authentic and raw can stir something in you to be yourself.  Many people use blogs to promote their work, to increase the amount of people seeing their art and to gain notoriety. While those are intelligent goals, I decided to start a blog to share more about myself, my process, and what moves me. I want this to be more feeling and less obligation. I may never blog about a single event, but more likely introduce specific emotions or perspectives as focal points of discussion. 

           I believe that everyone has unique gifts and talents...perhaps my unique perspective is mine. I want to use this blog to share some of how I see the world and stir others to follow their dreams. Dreams are wildly invigorating but never easy. There is often hardship, pain and tears within the quest of the dreamer. As Mike Tyson once said, "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." I want to share at times instances when my plan became worthless and how I allowed that to refine me instead of ruin me. 


                   To be authentic in this day and age often means you'll be misunderstood, if you want to embrace your genius and individuality, you'll have to make peace with the bittersweet nature of that. I created "The Dreamers Eye" to not only define myself and my quest but to serve as a banner to fly for all dreamers, to create intrigue concerning the perspective of artists and what makes them come alive. Bringing a heartbeat to things typically more felt in life than seen. Often people asked me how my view of the world is so different...how it comes off so unlike most others. I respond by saying that you can only be unique if you're willing to fully be yourself and not care what anyone thinks. I may be accepted or rejected based on who I am, but I am unwilling to be judged or measured for who I am not. 


                             Ever since I started pursuing art intensely last summer, I became fascinated with the eye...making them the focal point of each image. I loved drawing as much emotion out of them as possible. This was important to me because I wanted my art to remind people of humanity..not merely blank faces. I did not set out to be optimistic or pessimistic in my rendering of human emotion, but rather let the emotion come out as it would. 

                                       To me, the beauty of art is that the stirring made within each viewer is different. Maybe in one image the disposition of the eyes reminds me of a moment in time, but you, of entirely another. This is the beauty of being a creator, to leave some things undefined or self-defined if you will...allowing art to simply be art. Too much of life is measured and weighed for value against finite expectations, the beauty of art is that it only has to be. I have included a set of images that speak to me in that way, a collection intended to express a variety of emotions and provoke thought and intrigue in the viewer. Enjoy :)