from one dreamer to another...SZN SVN x The Dreamers Eye

When I first met Tre Betts this winter, I noticed immediately he was a man of two things: passion and action. He set an incredibly high standard for himself in integrity and work ethic. I learned later that he had been a student athlete at Missouri State University, I have no doubt in my mind that Tre inspired his teammates and classmates on a regular basis. Some people are infectious in their mindset and attack challenges with no second thought. Tre Betts is one of those people. When we first interacted I heard of his intention to open SZN SVN: a physical home for himself and all of his clientele to challenge each other in fitness and be a family. He put incredible zeal into learning how and where he could do such a thing.

Just recently this winter, SVN SZN opened its doors in central Springfield and has been flourishing. Tre not only brings people wisdom about exercising but also drives home ideals about purpose and understands legacy as well as anyone I know. He wants to turn his passion into something that others can better themselves with, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He is an incredible role model in this community and someone I am proud to call my friend. I hope that SVN SZN grows in all the ways you want it to, Tre, and that you grow in wisdom and influence as you lead others powerfully.

(Tre had no idea I would be sharing this, nor did he ask me to. I wanted it to be a sincere sign of respect from one dreamer to another)

If you want to learn more about the classes or membership options for SZN SVN, find them on Instagram or Facebook.

Here are some images I took of Tre and some of his new company merchandise a couple of weeks ago, hope you all enjoy.